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Our Machinery

Within our facility, we integrates cutting-edge machinery to ensure the manufacturing of the finest denim fabric.

We house Toyota 810 airjet looms, crafted with Japanese technology, representing the pinnacle in airjet looms. These machines guarantee exceptional quality outcomes and possess the capability to produce wider width fabrics.

In addition, we host Oshtoff Senge double-jet machines, meticulously crafted in Germany, embodying excellence in singeing performance. These machines, equipped with patented technology, set the industry standard with superior reliability, precision, capacity, and energy efficiency.

Furthermore, our factory features the Indigo Slasher Dyeing-Wet Finish machine, a vital component in ensuring optimal finish treatments for fabrics. This machine not only adeptly sets and controls fabric shrinkage but also provides a rich touch and feel, enhancing the overall quality of our denim products.

Our Departments at Signet Denims

  • Quality Control Department: Our Quality Control department serves as the gatekeeper of excellence. Rigorous quality assessments are conducted to guarantee that every inch of fabric meets our stringent standards.

  • Product Development Department: Product Development team is a powerhouse of creativity and innovation. Renowned for setting trends and creating unique patterns, this team is at the forefront of the fashion industry.

  • Engineering and Utility Department: By providing crucial technical support and ensuring the availability of top-quality utilities, this department empowers our production teams to achieve optimal results.

  • Packing Department: Dedicated to maintaining high-quality packing standards, this team ensures that fabrics remain in pristine condition during transit.

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Join us at Signet Denim, where sustainability meets style. Let's create a fashionable and eco-conscious future together!